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Grecia Villa

Student MSc in Global Health

Grecia is a medical doctor from the Autonomic University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. As a medical student she got involved in health promoting activities such as Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer campaigns and since she was a freshman she got to visit rural areas. She has been working in communities and marginalized areas in Mexico for 8 years now as a Project Manager in a Community-based medical educational project, she has come to realize how important is to give the necessary tools to medical students and expose them to the reality of the communities they serve. She did her social service as a doctor in a rural area in the central part of Mexico where she lived for one year and was in charge of 3,500 people. It was during that year after bonding with the women in her town that she developed a particular interest in Maternal and Reproductive Health, as they were the mothers of the little kids she used to play with during her free time living in that town. She conducted sexual and reproductive sessions, breast cancer and cervical cancer early detections and gave antenatal care for all women in reproductive health at her town. She comes from a country where all kind of disparities exist, cultural barriers and gender issues are one of the most important challenges in maternal health, and coming from a place where health resources lack the most gave her a complete picture of what it feels like for women to live in a developing country and to clearly identify where the bottlenecks lie. It was for that reason that she decided to take a Master in Global Health to gain the academic knowledge that her experience in rural areas gave her and with the right tools translate it into practical actions to improve the health of the most vulnerable populations.