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Víctor Conde

Gynecologist obstetrician on duty at the Hospital La Paz

Víctor Conde is a specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Master in Public Health, with more than 15 years working in project management processes of sexual and reproductive health-SSR (maternal health, family planning, women cancer and STI-HIV / AIDS) as well as Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) and the consideration of cross-gender issues, multiculturalism and violence.

He worked with several international aid organizations and NGOs supporting SSR processes, coordinating projects implemented in Bolivia with funding from UNFPA, PAHO / WHO, GTZ, USAID, JICA and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Supported processes at the Ministry of Health and Sports and regionally (Departmental Health La Paz) promoting gender mainstreaming and intercultural policy maternal and neonatal health, monitoring and evaluation. He was Head of the Continuum of Care at the Ministry of Health.

He was coordinator of the Trans-sectoral project in Reproductive and Sexual Health (SSR) in the department of La Paz, with funding from UNFPA-OPS/OMS for 6 years; Responsible for Training and Research in Reproductive Health Project funded by the national German Development Cooperation (GTZ), SSR Coordinator at Health Technical Unit of the Ministry of Health of Bolivia, SSR Programme Manager in the Department of La Paz, Project Manager LINK IN HEALTH, funded by USAID. Consultant cooperation organizations (Save The Children, JICA, PAHO / WHO, CARE, CEDEC, Medicos Mundi, FCI, etc.).

He worked on incorporating intercultural adaptation processes of care in maternal and newborn health in hospitals in La Paz, Beni and Pando and "Building Bridges" between the needs of the population and awareness complementation and health services to adapt attention and Quality Care. Strong driver of processes and practices implemented evidence-based health policy and practice at hospitals, in their pilot phases.

From 2004 to the present, is a gynecologist obstetrician on duty at the Hospital La Paz and currently he is coordinating the Maternal Mortality Survey based on the National Population Census, commissioned by the Ministry of Health of Bolivia.