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Lucy Lopez Reyes


Lucy Lopez Reyes is a Peruvian obstetrician and gynecologist, with over twenty years of experience working across various settings in Peru, including remote mountains and jungles and the capital city of Lima.

She is well versed in intercultural approaches to service provision. She served as the Program Management Specialist in an International Cooperation Agency for 12 years, and was the General Manager of the Health Office in the City Hall of Lima. She is currently the Director of Health Services in INPPARES, an NGO that advocates for sexual health and reproductive health rights. She spearheaded the creation of the National Program for School and Adolescent Health in the Ministry of Health in Peru, the first waiting homes for pregnant women, the Healthy Communities and Municipalities Program in USAID/Peru, the strategy for Anemia Cero in City Hall Lima and the phasing out of contraceptives donation from USAID Peru to the Ministry of Health.