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Yodit Hiruy

Technical advisor, UNICEF

Yodit Hiruy has worked for more than ten years in maternal and newborn health at the program and policy development level. In partnership with other agencies, she has worked towards scaling up of high impact maternal and neonatal health interventions at the community, primary care, and tertiary care levels.

She has worked on the development of protocols and guidelines as well as health education materials. In her current role, she ensures timely and quality program planning, implementing, and monitoring as well as UNICEF’s representation in different forums. In collaboration with WHO, UNFPA and UNAIDS, she has developed the evidence-based plan for MCH programs; including putting together elimination plan for MTCT of HIV and achieved more than 90% implementation rate of the program. She conducted periodic review of MCH plans and incorporated lessons in program implementation and developed partnership with UNFPA to undertake EmONC need assessment which will guide the road map for maternal and neonatal health, partnered with Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) of Colombia University.