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Esperança Sevene

Manhiça Associate Researcher and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Eduardo Mondlane University

Manhiça Health Research Centre Associate researcher and Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Eduardo Mondlane University, where she acts as Deputy Director for Research and Extension.

Dr Esperança Sevene was graduated in Medicine and Surgery by Eduardo Mondlane university in Mozambique in 1993. In 2000 she got a Master’s degree in pharmacoepidemiology by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in 2009 a PhD in Medicine by Barcelona university both in Spain. Since 1994 she is a Lecturer of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the Faculty of Medicine, at Eduardo Mondlane university. During several years she trained undergraduate and postgraduate students in pharmacology and bioethics in research and facilitated trainings in rational drug use for medical doctors and pharmacists. In 2001 as part of collaboration between the university and Manhiça Health research Centre (CISM), she joined the Centre, where she works mainly in drugs and vaccine safety.

Her interest is mostly focused in safety use of drugs in pregnancy and safety of the anti-malarials in pregnancy. Since 2008 she is member of the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium that aims to find new drugs for treatment and prevention of malaria in this vulnerable group. In Manhiça Health research Centre she did the safety monitor of the malaria vaccine candidate RTS, S and of antimalarial used for Intermitent Preventive Treatment in pregnancy (IPTP) and tested new methods for monitoring drug exposure during pregnancy. Her interest in pharmacovigilance was also important to the implementation of the National Pharmacovigilance System in the Ministry of Health of Mozambique and also at regional level collaborating with would Health Organization in the implementation of pharmacovigilance systems in Africa.