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Evelyne Degraff

Advisor, Maternal and Neonatal Health, PAHO/WHO

My job is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health in the fields of Reproductive Health, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, Young and Adolescent Health, Gender and Human Rights. 

I graduated in Medicine at Haiti State University. After completion of Medical School, I spent my social service year at a Mother and Child Hospital.  

Subsequently, I specialized in Paediatrics at the Haiti State University Hospital. After working in private practice and in a public paediatric hospital as paediatrician for five years, I realized that a Public Health approach was needed to improve the health of many Haitian children who were dying with diarrhoea and preventable diseases like measles.  I was granted a scholarship to Jonhs Hopkins University where I got a Master in Public Health, Department of International Health.

Back to Haiti, I occupied the position of Medical Director of the Hospital and worked with an NGO in Maternal and Child Health and HIV/AIDS projects.

I also have experience in training health personnel: Training of Trainers, Supervision, and on MCH themes: Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI), Immunization.

Eleven years ago, in October 2004, I joined PAHO/WHO as consultant for an HIV/AIDS project. Currently, I have the position of Maternal and Neonatal Health Advisor, since October 2011. Thanks to PAHO/WHO support, the Ministry of Health has been able to develop strategic and operational plans as well as protocols on these themes. 

I speak four languages: French, Spanish, English and Haitian creole. I like music, dancing and travelling. I am married and I have four children and one granddaughter.