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Jermias Inrombe

Sida/H4+Project Coordinator, UNICEF

Dr. Jermias graduated from the CUSS (University Centre for Health Sciences) in 1984 and in 1976-77 pursued a Master in Public health course at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium). 

Dr. Jermias is specialist on various areas such as VIH/AIDS, gender analysis, capacity development and leadership, systemic quality improvement and maternal and neonatal care. He started working in 1984 in the Yaoundé Central Hospital, Gynaecology and Obstetric services. After two years he was posted as Chief of a Health District in rural area, implementing care in hospital, national programmes and supervision of health centres. In 1991, he was selected as project manager to implement the reoriented Primary Health Care in the Far North Region of Cameroon, with support of the NGO CARE. From 1994 to March 2008, he was appointed as Regional Delegate of Health in Far North for nine years and North for five years. 

Since March 2008 he has been working at the United Nation System in three different projects. Firstly, from March 2008 to Jully 2011, he worked as National Coordinator of Common Fund Project for Avian Influenza Control in Cameroon. Secondly, from November 2011 to December 2013 he worked as Health specialist and team manager of the Millenium Village Program, to implement the 08 MDG (OMD), at UNDP. And, since December 2013, he coordinates the Sida/H4+ projet, a collaboration on Accelerating Progress in Maternal and Newborn Health. The MoH is the main responsible of the project, UNICEF is the lead agency and the other H4+ partners are WHO, UNFPA, UNAID, UNWOMEN.