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Isabel Maria Garcia de Almeida

NPO Youth & Development. Focal Point HIV & H4+

Since September 2008 Isabel Maria Garcia de Almeida is the Program Officer Youth and Development; Focal point for HIV and H4+, the Initiative to reduce the maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

Previous to that she was consultant for several international organizations in the fields of Food Security and Nutrition, Public Health, Maternal and infant health, gender, including: consultant for Development of the Food and Nutrition National Plan (2008-2009), international consultant for Food security and Nutrition in the Provinces of Manica and Sofala», FAO ( August 2005 to Dec 2008), consultant for the study on the "food and nutritional profile in Guinea Bissau", WFP (2003); supervisor of the Center for Information, screening, support and advice on AIDS (CIDA), NGO ALTERNAG (April 2001 to August 2005). Since 1997 she has been Head of Education and training of NGO ALTERNAG – Guinea Bissau and since 1986 she has been trainer in the field of nutrition and food security, public health, reproductive health, planning/management, gender and development. Director of family health, Ministry of public health project – Guinea Bissau; Over 1987-1988 Isabel was nutritionist at the Maternal and Child Health Reference Center, Ministry of Public Health / Guinea Bissau; 1986-1990: Head of the Department of Food and Nutrition, Cellulose Enterprise, Camaçari - Bahia/Brazil.

Between February 1999 and March 2000 Silvia was Director of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Guinea–Bissau. Silvia was Director-General of planning and Cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Guinea Bissau; (March 2000), Coordinator for the National Health Development Plan, (1997-2001), Guinea-Bissau and previous to that she was Head of the Department of Nutrition of the Ministry of Public Health Guinea Bissau (1990-1997).

Isabel holds a degree in Human Nutrition - Federal University of Bahia/Brazil (1982-1986). Other training includes:  Leadership : Université Stellenbosh/UNFPA, (2012), Distance learning programme on population issues, University in Costa Rica/UNFPA (2011), HIV and Nutrition, Johannesburg (2005); Community Nutrition Programming, Benin (1995);Gender and Development, Netherland (1998); Internationale training on Food security and Nutrition, Bénin (1995); Infant Nutrition, Centre International de l´Enfance, France, (1994),Food Security and Nutrition Monitoting System, Mozambique, (1990), Fertility Régulation, Ile Maurice (1988).