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Rudy Lukamba

Medical Field Coordinator, Women for Africa

Dr. Rudy Lukamba is currently working to promote women dignity through fight against the obstetrical fistula.

"Life is the challenge of keeping a being between inspiration and expiration". For Dr. Rudy Lukamba that is the summary of what occupies his entire brain and explains all his actions and reactions. Dr. Rudy Lukamba describes himself as a "195cm tall man, full of energy" and "who loves to spend his time delivering birth and saving lives". Born on August 11th, 35 years ago, his dream was always to be utile to his fellow human beings. After graduating from medical school he worked in the poorest area of Kinshasa (D.R.Congo) to bring hope to those who were having difficulties to access to quality health care. Since 2010, he joined the humanitarian action to be available for a larger group of people. In 2011, he moved to Liberia to achieve another of his dreams, which is to implement a strong maternal health care system. He worked as team leader in the set up and running of a program of reduction of maternal mortality in Bong county (Liberia). The team implemented a referral maternity hospital with nine clinics around to provide primary maternal health care (ANC, EPI, normal deliveries, PNC) and CEMOC. 

Since January 24th 2012, he is the father of Gabriella Lukamba who gave more sense to his fight for life.