The teaching staffMarlene Joannie Bewa

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Marlene Joannie Bewa is a medical doctor from Benin Republic (West Africa) with over eight years of experience in adolescent, youth and maternal health field. She has completed specialized certifications from the Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Center and the online Knowledge Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

She has conducted research on the cost of normal, assisted and complicated delivery in Benin, in a context of exemption fees policies, and is an advocate for better access to contraception for adolescents and youth. In 2010, she founded the Young Beninese Leaders Association (YBLA), which has trained 10,000 young people on HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health through its “Red Ribbon Campaign.” In collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Young African Women Leaders Program, YBLA has empowered and trained over 3,000 girls and women. She has also advocated for the creation of the Adolescent and Youth Constituency of the Partnership for Maternal New Born and Child Health (PMNCH). She has been involved at policy level on the ICPD and the Post 2015 Agenda. She is a fellow of the US Government International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP/ YAL), Secretary Clinton’s Women in Public Service Project, and a semi-finalist of the “UN Special Envoy Youth of Courage Award.” Dr. Bewa was recognized for championing the advancement of sexual and reproductive health at Women Deliver 2015.