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1. Website identification
The "" website is an Internet domain owned by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health Foundation (ISGlobal).
NIF: G65341695
Address: c/ Rosselló, 132, 5º 2ª, 08036. Barcelona
Phone number: 93 227 18 06
E-mail address:

2. Intellectual Property Rights
a) The name ISGlobal and its logo are trademarks registered by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health Foundation (ISGlobal). It's expressly forbidden any use or reproduction without the previous and written authorization of the Centre. Industrial Property rights referred to ISGlobal services and products appearing or named in these websites are protected in the same terms.

b) This website and all its contents, including texts, images, sounds, data bases, codes and any other material, are property of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health Foundation (ISGlobal) or third parties who had authorized the use of these contents by the Centre. Reproduction, copy, use, distribution, marketing, public communication or any other activity that can be done with the information contained on these websites and executed without ISGlobal authorization is a law-breaking punished by law in force. Their owners reserve the appropriate legal actions to repair the damages caused by any act that violates the intellectual property rights on this content

3. Limits of responsibility
a) Information contained in this website is current at the date of last update and has to be considered as introductory information for the user, referred to products and services and other included information.

b) ISGlobal rejects liability arising from the misuse of the contents and reserves the right to update, delete, limit or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently. ISGlobal rejects liability form any information non content in these websites and, therefore, not developed by ISGlobal or not published under its name. Particularly, rejects liability for the information contained on third parties websites connected by links to ISGlobal websites.

c) ISGlobal is not responsible of the possible security errors that could be occurred by the use of computers infected with viruses. Is not responsible either for the consequences arising from the malfunction of the navigator or the use of non updated versions.
ISGlobal is not responsible of the malpractice or illegal use of information contained in its website and reserves the eventual use of the appropriate legal measures for the protection of its image or interests.

4. Jurisdiction and applicable laws
This website is governed by Spanish laws regardless of the user legal environment, and any lawsuit that may arise shall be settled by the Spanish courts.

5. Cookies Policy
In compliance with the provisions of the Spanish Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002 dated July 11, please be advised that ISGlobal uses cookies to provide our users with better service and to facilitate accurate navigation on our website

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