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Olayinka Umar Farouk

Senior Newborn Health Specialist at USAID/Maternal and Child Survival Program

Dr Olayinka is a physician with keen interest in healthcare management, advocacy and bias for child health and gender equity. She has an MBA from University of Wales and a diploma in Health Insurance Management.

She works as the Senior Newborn Health Specialist with USAID/MCSP and provides technical assistance and support to Nigeria’s FMOH on scale up of Chlorhexidine gel for umbilical cord care. Prior to this she worked as National Chlorhexidine Coordinator under USAID/TSHIP, the pioneer project that introduced the use of Chlorhexidine in Nigeria. She was also the program manager for JSI/SCUS project – Nigeria Chlorhexidine Market Support Project which focused on advocacy visit to all states in Nigeria to promote the use of Chlorhexidine.

She is passionate about improving the quality of care and ending preventable death through accessible and sustainable health care programs. She is committed to actively searching for innovation and spreading successful approaches that will bring greater health outcomes.

Olayinka is a strong believer that you have to start and get it right at the bottom to get to the top hence community ownership, integration, participation and targeted interventions should be fundamental to achieving sustainable development goals.