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Christine Nalwadda Kayemba

Lecturer at Makerere University

Dr Nalwadda Kayemba is a PhD graduate in Public Health from Makerere University and Karolinska Institutet. She is a Lecturer at the Department of Community Health and Behavioural Sciences, School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University and is involved in research, teaching and supervision of graduate students. Her research areas of interest include maternal and newborn health, health policy and community health.


She has participated in various research projects in the area of newborn health including; evaluating compliance to community newborn referrals in eastern Uganda and assessing introduction of newborn care services in the integrated community case management program in Uganda, (Nalwadda et al., 2012).


Currently, Dr Nalwadda is the coordinator of the family and reproductive health module and actively participates in activities of the Maternal and Newborn Center of Excellence based at the School of Public Health. She is a Co-PI of an ongoing research project assessing adverse pregnancy outcomes among host and refugee populations in Adjumani district, Uganda. She is also a member of the Newborn Steering Committee, and part of the team that is currently piloting the establishment of the Preterm Birth Surveillance System in Uganda. She is skilled in scientific writing with publications in maternal-Newborn and health systems research among other public health areas.