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Victoria Nakibuuka

Head of Department at Nsambya Hospital

Dr Nakibuuka is a young neonatologist and a Paediatrician at Nsambya Hospital. Currently the head of department at Nsambya Hospital, a member of the national newborn steering committee and national maternal and perinatal review committee.


She has 7 years’ experience in improving quality of care for newborns, through pioneering perinatal death audits at Nsambya hospital and later scaling them up in the country at large. She has been extensively involved in training of newborn care packages including: Neonatal resuscitation, care for preterm and the sick newborn in Uganda.


Dr Nakibuuka has implemented CPAP (Bubble Cpaps) on a small scale, pioneered care setting up high dependency areas for newborn care at Nsambya hospital and has been involved in drafting the standards of care newborn health in Uganda.


She has pioneered setting up one of the first neonatal intensive care units in Uganda. Her passion is to set up a centre of excellence in neonatology to have other doctors and nurses train in my Uganda so as to reduce neonatal mortality.