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Afounde Jeanette Bibiche

Head of Service of Adolescent and Youth Health at Ministry of Public Health

Dr Jeannette Afounde is a 33 year old medical doctor. She is currently serving as head of service of Adolescents and Youth at the Ministry of Public Health Cameroon. She initially worked as a general practitioner at the Edéa District Hospital and then as the chief of Délangue Medical Center in Edéa. She left in 2010 to specialize in Public Health

Passionate and very committed to the cause of young people, Dr. Afounde has devoted her whole career to the Adolescents. As a general practitioner, she worked with adolescents living with HIV and has conducted numerous awareness campaigns.

In addition she in charge of gender at the ministry of health and has worked on the acceptability of female condoms among young people. These efforts have led to the adoption of adolescent clinics in health facilities that have enabled them to benefit from free services and have access to information on their sexual and reproductive health.