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Pascoa Zualo Wate

Head of Maternal & Child Health Department at Ministry of Health

Dr Pascoa Zualo Wate is a Public Health Physician with twenty years of experience in management of health programs such as primary health care, including HIV/AIDS, TB, Reproductive, Maternal, Child and Adolescent´s Health.

Before joining the Maternal and Child Health Department at the Mozambican ministry of health, she attended five months of residence in paediatrics – providing care for children under 14 years old - (three months in Neonatology and two in Infect-contagious services which includes Malaria, Diarrheal Diseases, HIV/AIDS care and treatment for in and outpatient).

She has worked as Director of the National Program of STI/HIV-AIDS at MoH Mozambique for a year, as Provincial Coordinator of ICAP for 2 years, as Provincial Director of Health for 10 years, in 3 provinces, as District Director of Health for 5 years, in 2 districts.

Currently working as the Head of Maternal and Child Health Department at MoH in Mozambique where she manages, supervises and mentors the technical and managerial Maternal and Child Health teams.

Dr Wate also has considerable experience in interacting with donors and governments and a broad understanding of complex programming, including elements of humanitarian, transition and development programs.

She has deep knowledge of the managerial system of the public health sector, including planning, monitoring and evaluation, continuous and in job training, finances, human resources, goods and commodities and infrastructure.